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R-Xmas opened at the Festival in Cannes, may 2001.

Interview with the stars of R-Xmas
Drea de Matteo

Abel Ferrara in Cannes

Abel Ferrara on the Photo of the Day

Interview with Abel Ferrara in Cannes (video)
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Prescription for a happy Christmas 
(Helen Barlow, 20.7.2001)


2001, USA, 90 min.

Film Credits:
Director: Abel Ferrara 
Screenplay: Scott Pardo, Abel Ferrara 
Photo: Ken Kelsch 
Editing: Bill Pankow 
Decor: Frank De Curtis 
Music: Schooly D 
Cast: Drea Dematteo, Lillo Brancato, Ice-T, Victor Argo, Naomi Morales 
Production: Pierre Kalfon, STUDIO CANAL 
Agent/Distributor: / 

French Summary of the film / Synopsis du film en francais (

abbreviated translation of the Kinemafilm-summary:
A Christmas-story by Abel Ferrara

The religious institution where their daughter goes to school has organised a spectacle and a party. It´s christmas in New York, and the couple of young immigrants films the event. They´re a united family, drive a BMW, live in a luxus appartment, seem to bath in money.
Santa Claus has promised their daughter the doll which is fashionable at the moment, the so called "Party Girl". Everybody wants to have it and there´s no one anymore in the big magasins. Fortunately, they´ve other means to get it.
If they respect the traditions and values of their new country, if they seem to live the american dream, it´s thanks to their business: they are drogue dealers.
She´s from Puerto Rico and met him in Santo Domingo, with 15 years. she passed her holidays there with a school friend. They fell in love and decided to try their luck together in New York.
For people like them, the best way to have success today, is by drogue business. For them, it´s quite a normal business, because they don´t consume any themselves. 
The other side of their live, the lab where they prepare the paquets of coke, with their workers, and their Bronx dealers, is tradidional and like a family, too. Christmas, is christmas for everybody, even for the dealers. 
Together,  they go to search for the "Party Girl" that Santa Claus promised to their daughter.
While she waits for her husband in the car, a man beats at the car window. He shows her the passport of her husband. He has kidnapped him. She has exactly 20 minutes pour getting a lot of money. Totally confused and crying, she drives to the city, to the places where her dealers work.
But who will give her lots of money on christmas eve? On christmas, one doesn´t do business. And everybody has already left and gone home.
Two times, she goes back to the kidnapper, who demands always more money. She´s only interested in liberating her husband. She doesn´t already know what they´ve done to him.
And by the way, who´s this kidnapper? He says everything about them. He even knows their daughter... He doesn´t hide his admiration for what she does for her husband, for her courage. He´s apparently moved by her love for her husband. At christmas, miracles are possible. Even for them. 

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