Eternity and a Day

Interviews with 
Theo Angelopoulos and Bruno Ganz

Theo Angelopoulos invites journalists to visit the set of his latest
film "An eternity and a day" (english)

Theo Angelopoulos in conversation with Gideon Bachmann (english)
(Film-comment-magazine, July-August, 1998)
Gideon Bachmann is director of the European Film Institute

Theo Angelopoulos und Bruno Ganz 
auf dem Mannheimer Filmfestival (german)

 Wir sind Saurier - Bruno Ganz (german)
 (Josef Schnelle, Berliner Zeitung 16.01.1999)



Metestudio: Filmpage with reviews and pictures (english)

Short summary and review for "Eternity and a Day" (english)

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