Ulysses´ Gaze

Interviews with Theo Angelopoulos 
and Harvey Keitel

Theo Angelopoulos: Freiheit muß man erst lernen
(german) (Berliner Zeitung, 1995)
Al Pacino was the directors first choice for Ulysses´ Gaze.
And TA had some trouble to rewise his own prejudice
about Americans while working with Harvey Keitel.

Intervista a Theo Angelopoulos e Harvey Keitel (italian)
(Gianguido Spinelli, Tempi Moderni)

Interview with Harvey Keitel (english)

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Maja Morgenstern Page
Rumanian actress. Born in 1962, she was with the Rumanian State Jewish theater between 1988 and 1990. She has been with the Rumanian State Theater since 1990. 
(thanks to jewhoo.com for the info)


A Balkan Odyssey of Epic Proportions (english)
(Paul D. Goetz)

Mete-studio: Pictures and Reviews (english)

 Ulysses´ Gaze (english)
(William P. Coleman, 20.6.1998)

Jerry´s Moviehomepage: deutsche Rezension (german)

Pedro Adrián Zuluaga: La mirada de Ulises, de Theo Angelopoulos
(I think it´s spanish, but I´m not sure)
(Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Columbia) 


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