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Youssef Chahine

Al Massir - Le Destin - Das Schicksal



Director: Youssef Chahine

Nour el-Chérif (Averroès)
Laila Eloui (la gitane)
Mahmoud Hémeida (le calife)
Safia el-Emary (la femme d'Averroès)
Mohamed Mounir (le barde)

Script: Youssef Chahine, Khaled Youssef
Director of photography: Mohsen Nasr
Music: Kamal el-Tawil, Yohia el-Mougy
Producer: Humbert Balsan, Gabriel Khoury

The scenario of the film was published in french language:
Youssef Chahine: Le Destin - Scénario 
Traduit de l´arabe, prèécédé d´un entretien avec le cinéaste 
sur l´ensemble de son oeuvre
Petite bibliothèque des Cahiers du Cinéma
Paris 1997, 145 S., 49 F.
ISBN 2-86642-197-3 

Background: Who´s Averroes?

short biography of Averroes and beautiful pictures of Cordoba
(in french /en francais)


Interviews with Youssef Chahine 

Chahine reaction (Janet Smith, Electronic Mail & Guardian, November 6, 1997)
Chahine on Destiny and american film-making
"Chahine says he doesn't  understand the plots of Hollywood  movies: too rigid in construction, yet too shallow to have a real ending. He wants desperately to hate someone in an  American thriller - but who? Characters are as complex as serviettes in a take-out joint. "
Der Andere. Ein Gespräch mit dem ägyptischen Filmemacher Youssef Chahine (Eberhard Spreng, Berliner Zeitung, 23.01.1999)
Articles, reviews,...

english review:
Andalusian Dogs - Youssef Chahine's manifest Destiny  By Peter Keough NOVEMBER 30, 1998: 

french review / en francais:
Le destin: Chahine contre l´horreur integriste (M.C. Roques)

german reviews / deutsche Kritiken:


More information on Chahine´s other films:

Von der heroisch scheiternden Macht der Liebe - zurückgekehrt ins Ägypten der Gegenwart: Youssef Chahines Film "Der Andere"
(Eberhard Spreng, 25.04.2000, Berliner Zeitung)