Who is responsible for this site?

First of all: I haven´t written any web-sites, I haven´t linked any web-sites, there´s nothing on my homepage, I don´t know any "Chris", and, by the way, what´s a "computer"? ...something like this is called "disclaimer".

All the linked sites are written by other people, and they´re on other people´s servers. I´ve no influence on their content, and refuse all responsibility for it. 

If your site was linked, but you don´t want to be linked, please tell me and I delete the connection. 

A lot of the material on these pages was taken from a variety of cyber-, print- and broadcast media. I´ve rather liberal ideas about copyright, and fill everything into the web that looks interesting (though I take care to add author, date and source). 
If you think I´m offending your copyright, please contact me and I´ll remove whatever picture or text it is. If the users of my site are not able to read a bit of your book to find out that it is good - well, that´s your financial problem, not mine.

The information I give myself on my own sites is as reliable and true as information coming from gossip-columns, yellow press, and philosophical secundary literature can be. I do what I can to eliminate obviously faked interviews and misinformation. If you spot any errors, please let me know. 

It's not my intention to do anything that could land me in jail or cause anyone to dislike me. However, if you are an important person or company (or an english teacher) and you see something here that might make you want to sue me, just let me know and I'll remove it immediately - that´s far easier (and cheaper) then taking proceedings against me over the ocean, half a dozen frontiers and through the jungle of international right.

I´m open to suggestions, comments, and of course praise for this site, as well as any news that you'd like to share. 
But I don´t promise to post everything that you send - finally, this is my site, and I fill it according to my taste.

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