Answers to prevent FAQs...

Who are you? Please read my profile.

Do you know actor X Y?
My site is private, I´m not in showbiz, and I´ve no personal contact with any actors or directors. 

Why are you building these virtual libraries? 
People can find everything with search engines!
Search-engines are not perfect. Search-engines love to ignore the most fascinating sites only because they are not commercial or not in english. If you don´t believe this - well, then you´ve never really tried how long it takes to find things outside the mainstream.

Can you build a Quentin-Tarantino-library?
The subjects are chosen according to my very subjective interests, and there´s absolutely no chance to make me write on subjects I don´t like.

Do you make a lot of money with this site?
I get no money, I lose money by paying terrific phone-bills for internet-use.

You can make money by linking my 
first-class video-store... or book-shop... !
Sorry, no chance. I hate ad-covered web-sites, and commercial banners make me shudder. The only sites I like to promote - without payment - are internet organisations whose work I appreciate. And Adbusters, of course:

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