An Interview with Abel Ferrara
(Film Nation, ca 1992) not working

Interview at the Bad Lieutenant-premiere

Writer/Director Abel Ferrara
(D. Morgan 03.1993, Empire Magazine)

Abel Ferrara - The man: who cares?
(Kent Jones)

Raising Cain
(Rustin Thompson)



Books &





Maverick Ferrara speaks his mind and then some
(Scott Foundas, 1996)
The Funeral, film-censoring

 The Funeral
(Stan Schwartz, UrbanDesires, 1996)

Night and the City
(Steve Ramos, January 1997)

Abel Ferrara: „Bei mir stirbt ja niemand" (german)

Abstract of Abel at Conan o´Brien
It´s absolutely crazy, I´d love to read a transcript! But it looks like the Conan-transcript-writers were unable to understand Abel without english subtitles - or is it possible that they think the language might be a little bit rough? Any volunteers who taped the show and can transcribe it for the rest of us?

Abel Ferrara jams with New Rose Hotel

 The Cannes-Interview May 2001

Prescription for a happy Christmas
(Helen Barlow, 20.7.2001)

Abel Ferrara - Bad Lieutenant’s Director Still Struggles to Find Screens
(Olivier French and John Strausbaugh, New York Press, Vol.15, Issues 27, 3.7.2002)

 Trouble in Paradise 
(Jeremiah Kipp, Filmmaker, 21.11.2002)