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This site is a part of my virtual library. It contains links to websites where you can find interviews with Theo Angelopoulos and his actors, and some portraits, reviews and filmographies, too. Please don´t be shocked that some of the texts are in italian / german / french /... but not english. I´ve searched the english part of the web but it´s almost impossible to find something useful on Angelopoulos.

I haven´t checked the web for greek texts, because my computer is unable to interpret the letters - if you can read it, please do it and send me some links with a short summary of the content!
(And please be patient when I identify russian texts as jugoslavian and brasilian or portugisian texts as spanish,
I do what I can to undermine the "either-a-site-is-in-english-or-nobody-reads-it"-system)

I´m no professional and get no money for this. If somebody is linked to this site but doesn´t want to be linked - please tell me and I delete the connection.

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