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Theo Angelopoulos: Freiheit muß man erst lernen (german)
(Berliner Zeitung, 1995)
Al Pacino was the directors first choice for Ulysses´ Gaze.
And TA had some trouble to rewise his own prejudice
about Americans while working with Harvey Keitel.

Intervista a Theo Angelopoulos e Harvey Keitel (italian)
(Gianguido Spinelli, Tempi Moderni)

Pour Theo Angelopoulos, l´exil à toujours été intérieur (french)

Theo Angelopoulos invites journalists to visit the set of his latest
film "An eternity and a day" (english)

Theo Angelopoulos
in conversation with Gideon Bachmann(english)
(Film-comment-magazine, July-August, 1998)
Gideon Bachmann is director of the European Film Institute

Theo Angelopoulos und Bruno Ganz
auf dem Mannheimer Filmfestival (german)

Il regista di "L'eternità e un giorno" Angelopoulos:
«L'America ci ruba l'anima»! (italian)
(Leonardo Jattarelli, Il Messagiero, 29.10.1998)

 Festgefahren im Niemandsland
Theo Angelopoulos, Bruno Ganz, Harvey Keitel nachts an der Oder (german)
(Robert Weixlbaumer, Berliner Zeitung 05.07.1999)

Lo Sguardo di Angelopoulos (italian)
(Simona Ambrosia, January 2000)

Anghelopoulos, collezionista di sguardi (italian)
(Lino Micchiè, January 2000)
wonderful long interview!
L. Micchiè is the director of the Scuola Nationale di Cinema

Theo Angelopoulos: Duemila i valori in cui credere (italian)
(Il Messagiero, 2.12.2000)
Angelopoulos on moral values in the 21 century

 Keitel's gaze
The omnipresent Angelopoulos renews an old acquaintance in Thessaloniki

 Press Conference at Thessaloniki-Film-Festival
Angelopoulos on his new project (12.11.2000)

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