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Interviews and other stuff of Keitel´s directors and co-actors.
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Theo Angelopoulos (Ulysses´ Gaze)

Paul Auster 
(writer & co-director of Smoke & Blue in the Face, writer & director of Lulu on the Bridge)


Auster-Fanpage (french / francais)

kurze Interviews mit Paul Auster und Willem Dafoe (german)

Tony Bui (Three Seasons)

Tony Bui
(Stephen Thompson, February 2000)
the longest and best Bui-interview

Interview mit Tony Bui (german)
(Filmfestival Berlin) 

Harvey Keitel and the Sundance Kid
(Jenny Yabroff, Salon Magazine, 18.3.1999)

Return of the Native

Jane Campion

Abel Ferrara

oh yeah, there´s more... a whole library!

Zoe Lund (co-writer & actress in Bad Lieutenant)

An Interview with Zoe Lund (Josh Long) 

Martin Scorsese

A tribute to Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese
Filmography & Biography  -1995 (Independent Film Channel)

De Niro et moi (french)
extrait de M. Scorsese: "mes plaisirs de cinéphile"
including some remarks on HK in Mean Streets and Taxi Driver

Scorsese-Fanpage (french / francais)
including a lot of links for english web-sites, too.

Quentin Tarantino

Kate Winslet

The New Passions of Kate Winslet
- As Kate Would Have it
(Holly Millea , Premiere, 11.1999)

Holy Smoke! It's Kate Winslet
(Jeanie Pyun, Mademoiselle, 2.2000)
brussels sprouts and sprouting rumours

Kate Winslet Interview
(Stephen Thompson, April 2000)

The Full Kate
(Elle Magazine, April 2000)

The Jane mutiny
(Howard Feinstein, Guardian, 2.4. 1999)

the best source for Kate Winslet: her fanclub

"Everyone was going on about the journey, the journey of the story," Winslet groans.  "Jane would say, ‘This is really an important part of the journey.'  And I would get sick of this word--journey.  I'd go, ‘Fuck off with the fucking journey.  I just need to do this my way.'  But seeing the film reminded me of how much of a journey it was."