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gratis Filmscripts at Script-o-rama
Probably one of the most useful sites in the web! You can find Smoke - The Piano - 
Thelma and Louise - Pulp fiction - Reservoir Dogs - From Dusk till Dawn

Holy Smoke

director: Jane Campion

US-Homepage + Trailer (Quicktime)

UK-Homepage + Trailer

Interviews with Keitel´s Co-actress Kate Winslet

Jane Campion and Anna Campion:
Holy Smoke
USA: Hyperion / Miramax 1999
UK: Bloomsbury, London 1999

Three Seasons 

director: Tony Bui 

Lulu on the Bridge

director: Paul Auster


Paul Auster:
Lulu on the Bridge
New York 1998
shooting script including scenes which are not in the film, interviews with Auster, the producer, the designer...

Ulysses´ Gaze

director: Theo Angelopoulos

Greek passion - Harvey Keitel and Ulysses´ Gaze (1995)
Interview with Harvey Keitel

Pictures and Reviews

Smoke & Blue in the Face

director: Wayne Wang & Paul Auster

Paul Auster:
Smoke & Blue in the Face
Miramax Books / Hyperion, New York 1995
Interview with P. Auster, Smoke-script, the original version of Auggie Wren´s Christmas Story, notes for the actors, scenes, comments and a transcript for BITF.


The Piano

director: Jane Campion

Fanpage + Pics

Jane Campion and Kate Pullinger:
The Piano
Bloomsbury, London 1994

Bad Lieutenant & Dangerous Game

director: Abel Ferrara

An Interview with Zoe Lund, co-autor of Bad.Lt. (Josh Long) 

Abel Ferrara - The man: who cares? (Kent Jones)
essay on Bad Lieutenant and Dangerous Game

Extract from Nick Johnstone´s Ferrara-biography, on Bad Lt.

Reservoir Dogs

Thelma & Louise

Review, Jim Emerson provoking but well-written


director: Martin Scorsese

Transcript of some essential scenes



pics we don´t want to see... hey, I said "don´t want to see"!