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Interview with Harvey Keitel
(D. Morgan 1992)
still the best!

The Ecstasy of the Agony
(T. Rhys)

Risky business - on the razors edge with Harvey Keitel

Greek passion - Harvey Keitel and Ulysses´ Gaze

Scary monster - Harvey Keitel comes in from the cold
(Steve Ramos 1996) 
From Dusk till Dawn

Harvey Keitel
(The Hollywood Reporter, 14.9.99)
About Goatsingers, first time directors...

A Man of Feeling
(Yahoo-News, 13.11.1999)

Live-chat with Harvey Keitel

Larry King Live
Interview with the U-571-crew (25.4.2000)

Keitel at Conan o´Brien

Keitel live at Venice Film Festival
The videos are on the news-site of an italian paper.
The text linked above is a report of the pressconference,
and here are the videos linked separately, so you 
don´t have to bother with the italian text.
Link 1
Link 2
(Real Player)

Forget Hollywood, just make films!
Keitel at the 41st International Thessaloniki Film Festival, November 2000
 old greek theatre and young directors

 Report of the press-conference in Thessaloniki
Keitel and Angelopoulos (13.11.2000)

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Interviews in other languages

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Harvey Keitel: der beste Raucher unter den Schauspielern
(Berliner Zeitung)
Three Seasons

Mit Mord und Totschlag kann ich nichts mehr anfangen
(Edda Bauer, Uwe Mies 2000)

Expedition ins eigene Ich (Anke Sterneborg (SZ 12.05.2000) (out of order)

Ex GI spielt den Ex GI (Saarzeitung 2000)


Harvey Keitel: Dostojevskij a Brooklyn
(Nicola Falcinella)

Harvey Keitel - L´attore totale
(Marco Spagnoli)


Silencio en memoria del Kursk
(Ruben Amon, Venice-Film-Festival 2000)

Harvey Keitel: „Fui y seré siempre un „marine"
(Beatrice Sartori, 10.1.2000)
about goatsingers and Three Seasons

Entrevista a Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel in Berlin
Harvey Keitel in Berlin
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