3,2,1... Go!

Some of our editing hamsters have been running on their exercise wheels and through their clear plastic tunnels. Their little cheeks are full of URLs and they know exactly what categories to start stuffing first. These little furry balls of energy are ready to take on the world right now! Others will yawn and blink a few times and come out of their forced hybernations more slowly. Some will be ready for a marathon. Some will prefer a series of short wind sprints. And others will prefer to walk. But all need some editing exercises.

Whatever your condition, we have a variation on the Weekend Editing Contests for you:

Welcome Back Editing Contest

This will be in addition to whatever the Weekend Contests are doing. As angela45 pointed out in starting that one, we are looking "to see who can get the most quality edits" in a given amount of time.

After editing is available and stable again, spend however much time you want getting used to it and shaking off the bugs. When ready, keep track of your own editing counts (same numbers as the weekend contests) and then submit the starting and ending numbers for your peak One Day Contest entry and your peak Seven Day Contest entry. Pick arbitrary starting times and dates for yourself somewhere within the first month. Your one week entry does not have to overlap your one day entry - it is all up to you.

- tome2


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