Tip of the Fortnight

Tip of the Fortnight

Are you wondering about those little editing suggestions in blue on your editor dashboard? Are you curious as to where they came from, how they were created, or even how to cut them off? What you are looking at is the fruition of the Tip Team’s hard work and long hours of devising and writing the tips you see on your editor dashboard today.

Who is the Tip Team? The team is comprised of editors of all levels and includes sthenbelle, angela45, bettysue, chris2001, irmaar, lisagirl, lmocr, marcp, miriamferrari, mcoupal, bobthebuilder, and rentier, as well as countless others who have worked to translate the Tips into many languages.

In what languages may I read the Tips? Currently they are available in English, French, Italian, Hebrew, and Spanish with more coming soon.

How were the topics selected? The team was charged with looking at some of the most frequent editing mistakes made by not only new editors but long time, advanced editors. Additionally, we wanted to create tips that would keep all editors aware of changes in the Directory Guidelines.

What are the Tips about? The Tips are broken into several different categories: Editing and Style Basics, Forum Basics and General FAQ, and Intermediate Category Building.

How do the Tips get to my dash? The magic of software created by rpfuller allows the Tips to be rotated every two weeks.

Two Weeks! That is a long time to look at a tip. On the surface it might seem like a while but considering the fact many editors only log in once a week or every few weeks we settled in on two weeks to allow for the greatest visibility. Besides, sometimes we have to read things more than once before it soaks in.

I would like to contribute, what can I do? Please, pop into the Tip of the * forum thread or send feedback directly to sthenbelle. We have over seventy languages represented at World and the goal is to have translations available in each editors’ native tongue. We also will be overhauling the Tips as the Guidelines and editing interface change and are always on the lookout for new suggestions.

- sthenbelle



Please send all comments, questions or suggestions to the newsletter editor.