Scavengers Unite

Soon after we lost editing access, angela45 came up with a marvellous idea to help pass the time in a constructive and entertaining way. She invented A Best Website Scavenger Contest where people were invited to find good sites on a nominated topic, the poster of the best entry being allowed to choose and judge the next round. "Extra points" were awarded for sites not yet listed in the Directory, and it soon emerged that "Secret extra points" were being awarded by some judges for sites suitable for listing in Kids_and_Teens.

It was sometimes easy to find good sites on a topic, such as
and Arts/Literature/World_Literature/Australian/Authors.

But other topics proved much more challenging:
Science/Earth_Sciences/Paleontology/Extinction/Cretaceous-Tertiary/Impact_Theory/, and
Science/Math/Differential_Equations/ !

Judging from the number of participants, the most popular topics were those about natural history in general, and cute furry animals in particular. However I think most of the participants learned something they didn't know from the competition. For example I was not previously aware of the wonderful world of Science/Biology/Flora_and_Fauna/Animalia/Tardigrades/, but in turn, others were introduced to stromatolites and brumbies.

Now that editing has resumed, all participants will be busy adding the new sites from challenges they set!

- makrhod


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