The Hamster's New Home

ODP´s server hamsters have moved into a new home. One of the hamsters who run has volunteered to share first impressions about the new habitat:

Can you describe your new home?

The editor side of ODP ( is powered by two servers instead of one now, with four 3.66 GHz Xeon Intel processors each. And we have 16 GB RAM to store Hamster food in. The other new ODP boxes are powered by dual 3.2 GHz Xeons, with 8 GB RAM, according to what my fellow-hamsters told me.

Who built the servers?

I haven´t chewed a big-enough hole into the wall yet to get out and have a look at the outside colour. But we´re working on it.

But you like what you see from inside?

I do. My new home is less fancy than the old box - that was a Sun server -, but more spacy: two boxes to play in, four hamster wheels in each box...

*Staffer mumbles in the background:* And it is easier to clean up, and safer because of the second box... but have you ever tried to make a hamster understand that?

...never mind him, as I said, all in all we have eight hamster wheels now for And the staffers have shown us how to play a great new sport: synchron hamster wheel driving. For that my partners and I get our four wheels up to speed, and then the other half of the team in the second box tries to get their wheels running in exactly the same speed, making every move exactly as we do... it is rather funny, and of course after half a minute we get a laughing fit and then we get out of rhythm and tumble all over each other.

You said "the other boxes"... how many servers does ODP have now?

When the new boxes are all in place, the backend will look like this:

Thank you very much for the interview!

- Robozilla


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