Welcome to the March 2008 Edition
of the Newsletter

It has been two eventful years since our last full Newsletter Edition in Spring/Summer 2006, although we did publish a special edition following our recovery from the Great Crash of 2006. This edition will hopefully serve to bring both editors and directory users up to date with much that has occurred during the past year, and with what is coming up during the next months.

Inside this Issue:

DMOZ 2.0 - What Lies Ahead

kryton offers an overview on staff´s plans for the next months. An editorial that you definitely do not want to miss!

News from All Over ODP

Mozzie in HoleWe have a lot of news to share from all parts of the directory. Have a look to see what has been happening in your favorite areas and also read about what others have been up to! Many thanks to hiraeth for her efforts in gathering News Beats.

Tool Roundup

ODP´s Toolbox is large, and there's alway quite a bit of in and out going on. dmclean offers an up-to-date overview of highly recommendable tools that you might want to try.

Push on Those Greens

cherel presents the "Pushon" thread, which has been running in the Regional/US forums ever since 2004.


...plenty other interesting reads. Get introduced to the Animal of the Year, meet Rob O'Zilla´s sister, learn about referers or simply enjoy the new Fun and Games section.

Last but certainly not least, a newsletter...

Standing Mozzie...needs many contributors. A warm thank you to all editors who contributed to this issue!


Please send all comments, questions or suggestions to the newsletter editor.