Year of the Frog

The Year of the Frog

By paulw99

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Amphibians have played an important role in human culture from religion to fables and of course the most critical cultural role, beer commercials. But now hundreds of species of frogs from the exotic glass frogs of Costa Rica to the common bull frog of the American South are in trouble and if something isn't done frog populations could, how to put this respectfully, croak!

A mysterious fungus is on the loose. Harmless to humans but it's killing frogs. All sorts of frogs face extinction not unlike what happened to the dinosaurs. In fact zoologists say one third to one half of species on the planet could disappear unless they're rescued.

This is why the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums met in Hungary last year to discuss the setting up of the Amphibian Ark. Whilst not a real life ark the idea is to set up sanctuaries around the world to take endangered frogs out of the environment to safeguard them from the fungus before it can suffocate them while scientists figure out a way to neutralize it.

The core membership of the Amphibian Ark only has to take responsibility for one species each to make the Ark a success. The Year of the Frog was set up to help the amphibian members of our environment to walk two by two into zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens if they can get enough money to support them.

Frog ImageThe fungus has already wiped out 80 per cent of the frogs in some areas; so many that the remaining frogs can't find each other to reproduce. And the consequences as far as the zoologists are concerned can be more disruptive to the ecosystem than global warming, since frogs eat endless numbers of insects and then in turn get eaten by birds.

I know it doesn't sound like much of a life. But the frogs like it fine. And you can help them by going to the website at The big push has started, this year is the 'Year of the Frog', which of course and it's amazing how these things work out, is a leap year.

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Please use the Open Directory Project to find out more about our amphibian species and help them to survive by encouraging your local conservation bodies to support the Amphibian Ark and the Year of the Frog. Also in supporting this project if you find any interesting amphibian sites we do not list please submit them and help us build one of the biggest website lists on amphibians possible.

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