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How and why to deactivate your referer on

By kazhar

What is the referer ?

Every time you load a web page, some information is given to the web server. One piece of information is the previous page you loaded. This is the referer. So for example, if you go to the dmoz fora and you follow a link to a website, the owner can know that someone came from the ODP fora.

You can get more information on the referer by reading this Wikipedia article.

Why deactivate the referer ?

If the referer allowed the webmasters only to see that you came to his website via dmoz, it wouldn't be really important, even if he'd say "a dmoz editor came to my website and I'm not listed already. Does it mean my website has been deleted? It makes them talk but isn't very dangerous.

However, with a little bit of development, this webmaster can give you some specific content because he knows that you're a dmoz editor. We saw, for example, some webmasters who gave this information to others with the goal to list adult websites in kids and teens.

How to deactivate the referer ?

The following explanation is for firefox.

You can download it at Once firefox is launched, you need to install a new plugin. This one is called "Adaptive Referer Remover". You can install it directly by clicking on the previous link.

Once it's installed, you need to restart your browser. Then, you'll see a new icon at the bottom right. See image below:

Adaptive Referer Remover

Okay great. Now, you're able to deactivate your referer for But you have to configure the plugin properly to do it. If you double click on the icon, you will see a new window where you can enter some text. It is waiting for one or many regular expressions.

So I put the following expression in the text box :

^http://localhost ^http://127\.0\.0\.1 ^http://(.*) ^

So here, the referer from your local addresses (localhost and, from every subdomains and from will be deactivated.

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