New Editalls and Metas

Wildlife Quiz

By hiraeth

The world contains an amazing variety of living things and the Flora and Fauna category attempts to cover as many of them as possible. Here are some diverse plants and animals to puzzle out. Their initial letters will spell out a conservation initiative for 2008. PDF(PRINT VERSION)

Animal Drawings

My first is a fungus used in production of bread and beer.

My second is a segmented tunneller in the soil.

My third is an amphibian that never grows up.

My fourth by any other name, would smell as sweet.

My fifth is powered by jet propulsion.

My sixth takes wing from the deep.

My seventh is a prickly carder of wool.

My eighth keeps its soft parts in a second-hand house.

My ninth is rather shocking.

My tenth feeds with its head upside down.

My eleventh forms nodules within the roots of plants.

My twelfth is the only close relative of the giraffe.

My thirteenth is an unpleasant parasite with 2 nuclei in its single cell.

My whole is a campaign for the conservation of amphibians.

" Need any help? Clicking on a link will bring you to a relevant site to help solve the problem."

ODP Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle


2. Term for an incorrect reported number of sites, unreviewed, or errors in a category.

5. Two web pages/sites which are identical to each other.

7. Refers to numerous improper submissions of one or more related URLs, often to improper categories.

8. Categories which contains only @links and other crosslinks, and are otherwise stipulated to be empty, created for navigational purposes. (Hyphenated).

9. This a method of linking from one category to another, and is used when the category being linked to couldn't logically be a sub-category of the first.

13. Method of contacting fellow editors, or groups of editors.

14. Acronym for a pyramid based marketing scheme.

16. Automated link checker that marks erroneous URLs red.

17. A permission granted to editors which allows them access to catmv and other power tools within a specific category.

18. A secondary URL (generally much shorter) that either redirects, acts as an doorway page or cloaking to conceal the existence of the real URL.


1. Refers to all categories of a certain language (e.g. Arts, Business, Sports) which organize sites primarily by their topic, as distinguished from the Regional category.

2. Type of permission which allows editors to concentrate on new submissions.

3. Websites which allows the content to be edited by anyone.

4. Graphics that can be used in forum posts to indicate an emotion/expression.

6. The hierarchical structuring of knowledge about things by subcategorizing them according to their essential qualities.

9. Erroneous URLs that have been flagged by a link checking tool.

10. A short Javascript program that is intended to be contained with a bookmark in the user's browser.

11. The main editing interface, containing links to your categories, so you can edit them, links to the editor forums, access to logs, etc.

12. A page found somewhere "deep" within a site.

15. A global, decentralized system of newsgroups.


Answers: email artisands

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