New Editalls and Metas

Interview With an Editor

By lisagirl

Interview with the Vampire? That's small potatoes, I thought to myself. I've got to interview a fire-breathing monster! Having procrastinated as long as possible, I finally donned a flame-retardant scuba suit I bought on eBay, and fearfully rowed out to a remote Pacific Ocean island, dreading the encounter.

Midway to the island, the boat sprang a leak and only then did I discover that discount 1930s scuba gear isn't exactly reliable. As I rapidly sank to the ocean bottom, a green creature grabbed and carried me ashore.

Me: Thanks for saving my life! I am so very pleased to meet you.

Creature: You're most welcome. My name is Nan... Nan O'Zilla.

Me: What! How can that be? You're Nanozilla, breather of fire! You scorch the directory and make editors see red every time you visit!

Nan: Oh goodness no! You're thinking of my horrifying brother, Rob O'Zilla. I'm his kinder, gentler and helpful sister.

Me: Ahhh, sorry! That's certainly a relief. Say, what's with your profile, anyway? It looks, um, outdated.

Nan: Yes, it is. Ignore that little glitch, okay? We've got the hamsters working on it.

Me: Okay then. Tell me about what Nan O'Zilla enjoys other than helping editors. Favorite foods, authors, activities... you know.

Nan: Sure. I love MOZZarella cheese, vanILLA ice cream, WILLA Cather and Muhammad Ali.

Me: Um... I understand why you like most of those, but... Muhammad Ali?

Nan: Yes, remember his famous fight, the "thrILLA in ManILA"?

(Me groans)

Me: Nan, since your job is to answer editors' questions, here's one. There's a new editor who doesn't know where to begin. What's your advice?

Nan: First, she should read the editor guidelines. They're also linked from her dashboard (the screen she'll see when she first logs in). When I was a new editor, someone recommended that I read the guidelines every time I logged in. Of course, there wasn't nearly as much there back then, but I still think that's great advice. Even if you only read a part of the guidelines each time, or if you don't understand what it means, keep reading them. Eventually it'll make sense.

Me: A bite of chocolate also helps, don't you think?

Nan: Well, of course! Chocolate helps everything. Vanilla is my favorite, but chocolate certainly makes life easier.

Me: What else can you tell new editors?

Nan: Don't be afraid to ask questions. We've got a section of the forums specifically for new editors, so they can ask anything without fear. That's at http://forums.dmoz.or/forum/viewforum.php?f=31. Browse the existing threads; it's possible that someone else has asked the very same question already. Also, there might be threads about things you never even thought to ask!

Me: If a new editor wants to ask you a question privately, where should he or she go?

Nan: Well, he could come visit me on my island of course, but otherwise write to me.

Me: You've been very helpful. Now I know that not all monsters are scary. Thank you, Nan! Do you have any final words of wisdom?

Nan: Yes. Don't wear antique scuba gear in the ocean. If you're a new editor and need help, try visiting any of the above links, or Tools_for_Editors/New_Editors and above all, have fun!

Please send all comments, questions or suggestions to the newsletter editor.